Sunday, January 27, 2013

mmmmm MOMA

Before I made the jump from Luddite to Luddite with an iPhone, I didn't have very many charitable things to say about all those damn Instagram photos on FB and the like. "If I wanted a Polaroid effect, I'd use my Polaroid camera," I was wont to complain. Well... I've since changed my tune. Instagram is pretty great. I'm someone who usually works with sets and staged images so it's kind of fun to take a break from that and practice some spontaneity. Plus I don't have to lug around my heavy beast of a camera.

Here are some images from our visit(s) to MOMA last fall. A very different experience this go 'round avec kids than it was years ago sans, let me tell you. If they look blurry, it's because I was pretty much running through the galleries. Oy vey.

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