Sunday, January 27, 2013

gone (back to) the blogs

Once upon a time I used to blog pretty regularly in my "favourite things compendium", campaign to end neuro-muscular chauvinism. I used it to keep track of interesting discoveries, favourite artists etc. For the most part, I kept my own stuff out of it and used my website as my online portfolio.

Nowadays I find myself with an ancient website in need of an overhaul and an ever expanding collection of instagram images and works in progress with no place to go. So I've started this shiny new blog as a virtual artist's notebook to plunk down some of my own works in progress as well as tidbits of inspiration I come across.

Blogging seems downright retro these days but, retro seems to suit me. So there you have it. Stop by from time to time. Say hello if you're so inclined.

Here's a peek into my backyard. I'm staring at pretty much this same view right now, minus the sun. The temperature is hovering around -25C here in the Yukon this morning.

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