Saturday, February 23, 2013

the sum of all evil

I came across this amazing new work by Jake and Dinos Chapman, via DesignBoom.  There's not much I like better than the feeling you get when you see art that slaps you across the face, sends all your synapses firing and screams "see - this is the real freaking deal."  The combination of miniatures, scale models, depictions of historical horrors, corporate culture and scathing sarcasm just about makes my head explode with happiness.

Here's a sampling. All rights reserved by the artists. It's worth reading the DesignBoom write up.

I was also struck by the (loose) similarity to an image from my perpetually in-development series "we keep it all in". There's something magically delicious about seeing a pop-cultural icon depicted against a backdrop of menace, melancholy or absurdity.

untitled 10, we keep it all in, 2011 by Jen Williams

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